Gone [Ft. Yung Musiq]

by Young Lyrix

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The second single from the album Bastard Child which was released September 18th 2014.


[Verse 1: Young Lyrix]
Leave you falling off the bones like you came in a bucket
A five to ten body part box now, fuck it
You wanna try your luck with the devil on a level
So high that a bird on this height is in trouble
Bass and the treble Face in the rubble
You wanna be a rebel but why you wearing stilettos
Straight vag, a douchebag you best be glad too
That I only locked you up with two fags who grab you
Cause if not I woulda locked you and your mammy and your granny
Take her fanny understand me?
Your baby brother and your lover can both get the gutter
I came up to your camp, you wasn’t talking you stutter
If you wanna send your goons then I’m sitting on they tomb
If you looking for your sister then her body’s in your mother’s room
Yeah I’m that ill, that sick that badass
I was plotting on these bitches from the back of my class

[Hook: Yung Musiq]
You fucking with a phantom Shanks outta makeshift
I’m the reason why the guards don’t take the graveshift
Get you aloneKidneys to stone
I get all stoned C4 to your home
Fuck what you saying I killed the new sheriff
Taking all the carrots Known for hysterics
Thought that they killed me
So fucking wrong
Turn you to my greatest trick ever
You're GONE

[Verse 2: Yung Musiq]
What the fuck you staring at
That’s rude as a bitch
Two sides of the story from two different clips
Kinda like a reel
Black and white still
Still keep the steel
Give you something you can feel
I’m your worst nightmare
Mixed with a hangover
I’m popping all your tires and flipping over your range rover
Your clover had 4 leafs now it has half a’ one
Your momma crying on the porch like look what this bastard done
Done what?
This wasn’t even a job It’s a fun thing to do, stab murder and rob
They tried to stop me then figured it out
They shoulda stayed put
I got this blade in they mouth
You can hear the sound and I love the way it pierces
Pocket knife sharpest, cuts be the fiercest
It’s a whole new world when I come to take over
Came to give your fucking life a makeover


[Verse 3: Young Lyrix]
So now you’ve heard about me
Wanted posters blazing
Frats are like preschool kids the way I’m hazing
Turning all your pages as I’m cutting all your faces
Strip you dump your body leave you in the woods you naked
Over the river and through the woods
Puff that smoke
Trees burn good
911 knows my cases
Comes to my cabin Finds that shit vacant
If you really wanna try me and my grimey, perfect timing
Tick tick tick
You should check that shit behind you
BOOM bitch I blew up your whole shit
Thought you knew the right way out but you wrong
There is none like a labyrinths, dead ends and trap doors
Felt generous, gave a rock to that crack whore
And fuck head I just wanted her bread
Her boyfriend’s bent because I get that percent



released September 5, 2014


all rights reserved



Young Lyrix

Young Lyrix is a Rapper based out of Kenora, Canada. His lyrics are not for the faint hearted, sexual and misogynistic, and unapologetically so, his style is undeniably hard hitting and not for the easily offended. His influences are basically the greats from the modern rap era, Eminem, 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G and Tupac and his rapping style is essentially a combination of all those. ... more

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